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Client Stories - Changing Lives

Jane’s Story: Brain Haemorrhage

In late March 2008, Jane collapsed at work and was unconscious for 10 minutes before she was taken to hospital by ambulance. When she regained consciousness, Jane was suffering from a very ... x

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Louise Mills

Client Stories - Changing Lives

Louise’s Story: Delayed diagnosis of Cauda Equina

After a number of appointments with her GP to investigate leg pain Louise attended with altered bowel habit. Her GP failed to refer her for immediate investigation leading to a 4 day delay in surgical release of her Cauda Equina and permanent nerve damage.

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Elan riding a house

Client Stories - Changing Lives

Elan’s Story – Living her dream

Elan was born in a very poor condition after a cord prolapse at the end of her mother’s labour. Elan developed spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and needs a lot of help. She is determined and with help is living a great life.

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Oliver story

Client Stories - Changing Lives

Oliver’s story: Untreated sepsis

Oliver was a 4-year-old, healthy happy little boy. What was thought to be a simple tummy bug by hospital doctors turned in to fatal sepsis due to negligent medical care.

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Louise Mills Elan riding a house Oliver story
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